Good, Better, Best: big v real-time data


If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times: your email campaigns have the potential to generate lots of great ‘n crunchy data for you to learn more about who you’a selling to, and how to get them to buy. And big data is a BIG catch phrase in the business these days: you can collect information on almost anything to make your campaigns more effective. But things are changing in the world of data. No longer are you confined to spreadsheets generated after your campaigns culminate. Instead, you can access real-time data that allows you to trigger changes immediately should the need arise. After all, you’re busy and your data can get lost in other piles of work awaiting you, meaning by the time you get around to it, your data learnings could be stale. But having the resources to analyse data in real time can help you be effective and efficient.

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KitchenTime: Raising CTR and Conversions

Case Study: KitchenTime

The collaboration between Mojn & KitchenTime started when we approached KitchenTime and proposed that our Performance Email Targeting solution could help them significantly raise their click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates. KitchenTime quickly saw the benefits and in August 2014 KitchenTime implemented the Mojn scripts with Mojn assisting in setting up a feed and creating a banner design for their emails. In mid-September everything was in place to begin sending out emails with Mojn customizing the content. KitchenTime sent out their first email on the 29th of September.

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Automatic for the people: a guide to automated emails

Automation best practice

Be it fortunately or otherwise, you can’t be hands on with every email you send out. There should be a large majority of your campaigns that are fully automated leaving you to tend to other areas. Automated emails are an important part of engagement so it’s worth bearing in mind a few fundamentals. The when and the how are the vital things to consider and it’s all about making sure that although they’re often uniform, the copy and the context help personalise an individual’s experience. When a person’s online behaviour hits a trigger, your automated emails have them covered to bring them back to you.

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Data v Privacy: Protecting your consumers and their information online


While having all the data you could want (and often can handle) at your fingertips is a blessing, it can be viewed as otherwise by consumers. Many individuals are deeply concerned about their personal information and how it is used online. While the law currently lags behind technology in terms of how you can gather and use the personal information you have about your current and potential clients, many companies have taken proactive steps to show that they gather, store and employ data in a secure, private manner that requires explicit consent.

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Behavioral Insight: The Series

Mojn_blog_Behavioral Insight Series

After the success of our series of posts on behavioral ideas or theories and how they relate to email marketing and e-commerce, we thought this week we’d not only give you quick access via links to previous posts but a single PDF of all the content from them for you to take on the go. We present Behavioral Insight: The Series. You’re welcome ;D

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Does email fit into your acquisition marketing strategy?


Mojn is all about harnessing your data to create digital marketing strategies that get the best results. At Mojn we focus on how you can harness data from any available source to create acquisition campaigns that get you leads. But a question we often get is where to start with strategic, data-driven email campaigns aimed at acquiring leads. Using email to keep users engaged between times they purchase is often the subject of our posts, but getting that email address is another mission entirely.

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What marketing cloud do you see on the horizon?


Let’s face it, there’s a crazy amount of data out there and a heck of a lot to know, monitor and understand to build an effective online marketing presence. If you want to deliver the best service with a personalised touch and expand without losing sight of your fundamental goals, that’s asking a lot of you and your team. So wouldn’t it be easier if a great majority of this effort could be taken on for you? Well, that’s the broad strokes of what a marketing cloud can offer you: an integrated solution for all of your marketing efforts.

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Behavioral Insight 10: Attention

Behavioral Insight 10: Attention

This is the last post in a series focusing on behavioral ideas or theories and how they relate to a specific area within email marketing and e-commerce. In this post we’ll examine the notion of attention and the effect it imposes on email layout.

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Dynamic duo: are phone calls missing from email marketing?


It may sound strange and almost archaic to sing the praises of telemarketing, especially when you’re an email marketing company. But not only is there logic to it, there’s a real ROI. Telemarketing is one of the most verifiable methods of gathering strong data regarding the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy – in other words, it’s a true dynamic duo when used properly.

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Email: It’s actually all about body language

’s actually all about body language

Regardless of what you’re doing – when you’re out on a date, or in a negotiation, or trying to make a sale – there’s a lot to be gained from studying someone’s body language. In the case of email marketing, it’s no different. Your consumers’ online body language and the data it creates, is a rich source for data-driven, targeted emails.

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