Triggered communication strategies: are you reaching out at the right points?


We’ve all gotten one. A triggered email, that is. Whether you left an item in your cart, subscribed to a new mailing list or failed to complete the full registration process, chances are you’ve gotten an automatic email nudging you to complete whatever action it is that you started. Sometimes, these automated emails, triggered by an incomplete consumer action, are very helpful, and can nudge consumers in the right direction. Other times, they can be little more than a fleeting annoyance cleared up by pressing ‘Delete’ without opening. Learn how to get it right.

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Measure, analyze and adjust: tweaking your database to get to your data

Mojn blog Measure, analyze and adjust.

Here at Mojn we’re all about data. Data can literally change the way you run your business and improve your sales. We’ve seen the power of data first hand with our clients. The more data you have about your visitors’ on-site behaviours (we shouldn’t forget off-site behaviours, too!), the more you can save on sales staff as you’re getting your site to do it for you automatically and the more your can increase your ROI.

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Marketing Automation: three ways to get started now

Mojn_blog-Marketing Automation

If you have an email platform, CRM and lead source, you’re 90% on your way to creating an automated marketing funnel that can save you time and money. Actually, scratch that. Not only will it save you time and money, it’ll earn you more money and expand your bottom line.

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Programmatic Direct, RTB: What it is and why you should care

Mojn_blog-Programmatic Direct, RTB

If you already feel like you’re in enough meetings to fill five diaries, we’ve got good news: programmatic buying allows you to make well-rounded decisions that contribute to your ROI without having to speak to another human. Of course, if the people person in you is grimacing at the thought, you theoretically can – but you don’t have to. So what is this time-saving technique introverts and time-pressed marketers everywhere are going on about?

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Five tips for great drip and nurture campaigns


You want to save time and still grow your ROI? Sounds like a lofty, perhaps even impossible, ambition. But it isn’t. Enter email automation for drip and nurture campaigns (ones that you’ve probably been sending to your leads for ages, anyway). Rather than regurgitate them over and over, use these simple tips to create a responsive, flexible campaign flow that will iterate itself for best results. Talk about easy and effective, hmmm?

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