Round Out Your Workflow: Storing documentation and file sharing


This post rounds out the short series on some workflow tools you might consider using to help with your campaigns and get the most out of any campaign automation. These days, most people have so much to store on their computers – personal files, music, movies, photos, and more – that your trusty internal hard drive just won’t cut it. Keeping files on an external hard drive or flash drive aren’t going to do it either especially as you’re likely to be in a collaborative industry or job role where sharing documents is critical. While some of the project management and personal organisation tools we’ve shared in the past few weeks have the ability to store documents, it’s often good to have resources specifically dedicated to storing and collaborating on documents. This is an, obviously, non-exhaustive list of our favourites.

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Ad blocking: blunt, effective and difficult for digital marketers


There’s a new instrument in town, and according to Google ads boss Sridhar Ramaswamy, it’s a blunt (but effective) one. Ad blockers are all the rage, and the digital marketing industry is, of course, up in arms about it. Ad blocking, also known as ad filtering, has been around for a while but have become increasingly popular of late. New updates to some mobile software, such as the latest iOS 9 updates for iPhone and iPad have allowed them to get an even stronger foothold particularly coupled with their desktop counterparts.

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Get Organised: Organisational tools for businesses of any size


A couple of weeks ago we wrote about some select project management tools out there. If you like to manage your time on a micro as well as a macro scale, this post is for you.

When considering marketing campaigns, project management is comprised of many moving parts. Projects wouldn’t move forward without the individuals assigned to complete component tasks involved. While managing overall projects in PM software is helpful, it might be nice to migrate component tasks related to multiple projects to your own to-do list. Add your personal to-dos and you’ve got yourself a checklist, only it’s accessible on your phone and computer.

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Christmas, Curated: Making the most of your programmatic marketing through the holiday season


Way back in February, we introduced our readers to a nifty (what was then new-ish) concept: programmatic marketing. Since that post, it has hit the marketing world by storm. As an early (early) Christmas gift, we wanted to pull together the basics of programmatic marketing so you can get started on your Christmas campaign, regardless of whether you’ve done it before or you’re a newbie. So buckle up and get ready for a drive through the world of programmatic marketing. 2015 has been quite the ride for this new marketing technology, and 2016 promises to be even bigger – so why not try your first campaign for the holidays and make a new year’s resolution to use it more next year, too?

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The Devil in the Details: Project management tools for every business


Whether you’re a startup or a more established business, project management (PM) is often one of the harder things for companies of any size and age to get their arms around. Shifting deadlines, various dependencies and changing scopes of work can be distracting from the point at hand, which is, of course, to get the project done. That’s why many companies have invested in full-time project managers who focus on the devil in the details, and help all those involved in a project move it forward toward completion.

After talking a reasonable amount about automation campaign efficiency, as part of a short series, we take a slight detour and look at some other ways to improve your overall marketing efficiency.

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Understanding the customer journey to get the most out of your data


We digital marketers are obviously pleased about the proliferation of ways we can get in touch with potential consumers. But with these increased points of contact comes the need to track these movements more efficiently to see how to optimise campaigns and marketing channels. Needless to say, its getting ever more complex as marketing channels increase in number and offering.

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Five tips to build an attribution model


We’ve already written about why a solid database is critical for your business success. But we keep getting questions and follow up about one of the reasons we gave for why you want to have a great database: customer attribution modeling. Attribution modeling is one of the most complicated and challenging areas of web data and analytics, so before we think about how you may want to think about building out a model, let’s make sure we are all on the same page about what it is.

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Triggered communication strategies: are you reaching out at the right points?


We’ve all gotten one. A triggered email, that is. Whether you left an item in your cart, subscribed to a new mailing list or failed to complete the full registration process, chances are you’ve gotten an automatic email nudging you to complete whatever action it is that you started. Sometimes, these automated emails, triggered by an incomplete consumer action, are very helpful, and can nudge consumers in the right direction. Other times, they can be little more than a fleeting annoyance cleared up by pressing ‘Delete’ without opening. Learn how to get it right.

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Measure, analyze and adjust: tweaking your database to get to your data

Mojn blog Measure, analyze and adjust.

Here at Mojn we’re all about data. Data can literally change the way you run your business and improve your sales. We’ve seen the power of data first hand with our clients. The more data you have about your visitors’ on-site behaviours (we shouldn’t forget off-site behaviours, too!), the more you can save on sales staff as you’re getting your site to do it for you automatically and the more your can increase your ROI.

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