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The Rise of First-Party Data


First Facebook. Now, Google. Both platforms have made it easier for companies to reach hyper-targeted audiences. Say hello to increased conversions from warmer leads.

Get Organised: Organisational tools for businesses of any size


A couple of weeks ago we wrote about some select project management tools out there. If you like to manage your time on a micro as well as a macro scale, this post is for you. When considering marketing campaigns, project management is comprised of many moving parts. Projects wouldn’t move forward without the individuals assigned to complete component tasks involved…. Read more »

Christmas, Curated: Making the most of your programmatic marketing through the holiday season


Way back in February, we introduced our readers to a nifty (what was then new-ish) concept: programmatic marketing. Since that post, it has hit the marketing world by storm. As an early (early) Christmas gift, we wanted to pull together the basics of programmatic marketing so you can get started on your Christmas campaign, regardless… Read more »

Understanding the customer journey to get the most out of your data


We digital marketers are obviously pleased about the proliferation of ways we can get in touch with potential consumers. But with these increased points of contact comes the need to track these movements more efficiently to see how to optimise campaigns and marketing channels. Needless to say, its getting ever more complex as marketing channels… Read more »

Five tips to build an attribution model


We’ve already written about why a solid database is critical for your business success. But we keep getting questions and follow up about one of the reasons we gave for why you want to have a great database: customer attribution modeling. Attribution modeling is one of the most complicated and challenging areas of web data… Read more »

Triggered communication strategies: are you reaching out at the right points?


We’ve all gotten one. A triggered email, that is. Whether you left an item in your cart, subscribed to a new mailing list or failed to complete the full registration process, chances are you’ve gotten an automatic email nudging you to complete whatever action it is that you started. Sometimes, these automated emails, triggered by… Read more »