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Mmm, mmm delicious – the crunchy data you can get from cookies


…and we don’t mean the edible type (although those are good, too!). These days a consumer’s online experience is all about personalisation. In many ways, you should want your website to function like an in-store sales assistant: your website visitors expect to be catered to in similar ways, with targeted recommendations based on their demographics… Read more »

How to monetise your data

Montising Data

We know, we know. We usually come up with some sort of snazzy title for our blog posts, but this one needs to be straightforward and to the point. Why? Because the point we’re trying to make is equally so. And that is just because you have data doesn’t mean it’s making you money.

KitchenTime: Raising CTR and Conversions

Case Study: KitchenTime

The collaboration between Mojn & KitchenTime started when we approached KitchenTime and proposed that our Performance Email Targeting solution could help them significantly raise their click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates. KitchenTime quickly saw the benefits and in August 2014 KitchenTime implemented the Mojn scripts with Mojn assisting in setting up a feed and creating… Read more »

Automatic for the people: a guide to automated emails

Automation best practice

Be it fortunately or otherwise, you can’t be hands on with every email you send out. There should be a large majority of your campaigns that are fully automated leaving you to tend to other areas. Automated emails are an important part of engagement so it’s worth bearing in mind a few fundamentals. The when and… Read more »

Behavioral Insight: The Series

Mojn_blog_Behavioral Insight Series

After the success of our series of posts on behavioral ideas or theories and how they relate to email marketing and e-commerce, we thought this week we’d not only give you quick access via links to previous posts but a single PDF of all the content from them for you to take on the go…. Read more »