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Net-A-Porter and ASOS: What can we learn from their email campaigns and what are they missing?

Net-A-Porter and ASOS

There’s such a thing as being fashionably late, but fashion companies who aren’t prioritising their email marketing efforts are going to miss out completely. ASOS and Net-A-Porter are two online fashion powerhouses using email marketing exceptionally well to re-engage their customers to stay front of mind and top of inbox. So what can we learn… Read more »

It’s links, not ties, that bind: building strong customer relationships through email

It’s links, not ties, that bind: building strong customer relationships through email

Would you like to be approached by a salesperson who has no information about you other than what they can see – age, gender, ethnicity? Nowadays that is unimaginable in the online sphere however in the past marketers and salespeople had very little information about the individuals in their customer base. (We won’t tell anyone… Read more »

E-commerce is at a tipping point. Stay ahead of the game and streamline the online/offline experience

E-Commerce is at a tipping point.

In just a mere five years e-commerce has realized staggering growth with global B2C e-commerce sales set to increase by 20.1% in this year alone, to reach a staggering $1.5tn. This is all thanks to the speedy development of online and mobile user bases in emerging markets, increases in m-commerce sales, better shipping and even… Read more »

Special Delivery: Why you should be focusing on creating killer email marketing campaigns

Creating killer email marketing campaigns-cove rimage

I’m not sure how many articles I’ve read that begin with the sentence, “Internet marketers and small business owners have billions of consumers at their fingertips.” The truth is, there may be an innumerable audience at the other end of your computer screen, but every savvy business owner and marketer is as aware of that… Read more »