Behavioral Insight: The Series

Mojn_blog_Behavioral Insight Series

After the success of our series of posts on behavioral ideas or theories and how they relate to email marketing and e-commerce, we thought this week we’d not only give you quick access via links to previous posts but a single PDF of all the content from them for you to take on the go. We present Behavioral Insight: The Series. You’re welcome ;D

Behavioral Insights

  1. Social proof
  2. The confirmation bias
  3. Choice overload
  4. Anchoring
  5. Sense of urgency
  6. Impact bias
  7. Hindsight bias
  8. Loss aversion
  9. Goal-setting
  10. Attention

Or Download the whole series as a PDF

We hope you have enjoyed Behavioral Insights: The Series. Please feel free to share it via the usual channels and visit for more about how Mojn can help release the untapped power of your data. 

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