It’s links, not ties, that bind: building strong customer relationships through email

It’s links, not ties, that bind: building strong customer relationships through email

Would you like to be approached by a salesperson who has no information about you other than what they can see – age, gender, ethnicity? Nowadays that is unimaginable in the online sphere however in the past marketers and salespeople had very little information about the individuals in their customer base. (We won’t tell anyone that we can remember those days if you won’t!) Instead, these pre-Internet pioneers relied heavily on appealing to large target markets based on demographic or psychographic truisms. Remember Razzle Dazzle Daz ads?

Nowadays, we’re lucky that marketers have much more information about their audiences on hand. They don’t have to rely on rhymes and jingles that stay perniciously front of mind, like the Daz ad. The fact is, though, that few email marketers know how to use that information correctly to build deeper relationships with their email audience. It’s a shame, too, because personalised, targeted emails have, on average, a 30% higher open rate and a 50% higher click through rate than batch-and-blast emails.

Email is a proven inbound marketing channel and converts better than both search and social.

What’s a personalised email?

A personalised email should be targeted to the individual you are emailing. Personalising can be as simple as using the customer’s name in the subject line or email body or as sophisticated as displaying content based on their realtime browsing and buying behaviours at the most suitable time in their purchasing decision process.

Why should I personalise emails?

The stats behind personalised e-commerce emails don’t lie – it’s an effective tool. Personalising your emails does three major things for your customers and potential customers: it shows them you understand their needs, it saves them time and it keeps them in touch with you. The more you can personalise, the more your customers will understand that you can serve up fresh, relevant material that is responsive to them particularly. In turn, you’re saving them time because the more you personalise the more they’ll be able to identify what it is they want or were looking for, an important factor in today’s busy, content-overloaded world. Finally, the more you keep in touch, the more often they’re reminded of your products and services, and the fact that these are relevant, unlike other marketing emails.

How do I segment emails?

You can personalise your emails by segmenting your email lists based upon the demographics or psychographics you know about your audience. For instance, you can send different content to men and women, or people of various ages.

Segmentation is just the start…

If you want higher conversions (up to 18x more conversions, to be exact), Mojn Performance Email Targeting is a powerful tool that inserts relevant products in your emails to re-engage your email audience with content specific to each individual subscriber’s profile. Amazon, Asos and other popular e-commerce retailers do this to re-engage past customers and even bring back people who dropped out of the conversion cycle without purchasing at all.

What other ways can I go about building strong customer relationships through email?

Segmentation and targeting aren’t the only ways to build relationships through email. With your existing customers, make sure that you walk the walk and talk the talk. Write your emails in an approachable, interesting way that isn’t too different from how you talk. Anything that strays far afield of how you appear on your website or in person will seem disjointed and forced and your customers will notice – even if at a subliminal level. A consistent brand look and feel, a voice, is essential in building customer trust.

Anything that strays far afield of how you appear on your website or in person will seem disjointed and forced and your customers will notice…

What about potential customers?

For potential customers, the trick is in acquiring email addresses so that you can start that relationship cycle, and learn more as you go. Track the way your emails perform with this new audience, see what subject lines they like and links they click through, and build from there. If you’re struggling with building your email lists, the Mojn Network helps you identify individuals who have visited your site and aren’t on your list. However you get those new email contacts, make sure you keep the emails coming and make sure they’re relevant to the recipient.

How do you keep your emails relevant to your audience?

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