Special Delivery: Why you should be focusing on creating killer email marketing campaigns

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I’m not sure how many articles I’ve read that begin with the sentence, “Internet marketers and small business owners have billions of consumers at their fingertips.” The truth is, there may be an innumerable audience at the other end of your computer screen, but every savvy business owner and marketer is as aware of that fact as you. Once you get your products and services in front of this large audience, you’re golden. It’s cutting through the noise of the competition to get there that’s tough. Read on to find out why you should be focusing on creating killer email marketing campaigns.

Acquisition and retention advertising has come full circle. In the 2000s traditional advertisers feared they were going the way of the dinosaur in lieu of flashy Internet ads and email marketing campaigns. However, paid online advertising is becoming as ineffective as the TV ads that can now be fast-forwarded on your DVR. In fact, a phenomenon known as banner blindness is a real concern for internet marketers. In our increasingly personalised world, consumers expect experiences that cater to their unique interests and hobbies, right down to the experience they have when surfing the net. The bad news is that paid advertising isn’t hitting the personalisation target as accurately as it could. The good news is that the power of personalisation can shine through email marketing campaigns like no other advertising medium. The hard fact (that shouldn’t come as news to any marketer) is that building up an email list to send personalised content, which acts as a very strong advertisement, can be tough.

So in the face of news and fact both good and bad, how can you build a list of qualified leads and send them personalised emails to convert to sales? It’s a two-pronged process of divide and conquer, but once you do you’ll realise personalised content is truly mightier than any ad.

Build up your list…

1) Build multiple landing pages

In the words of Fred Armisen, the homepage is so over. Homepage hits are declining precipitously as social media and organic search directs users to specific content that meets their immediate needs. Don’t rely on your homepage and supplementary SEO to attract site traffic that converts to leads. Generate multiple landing pages that correspond directly to a particular value proposition important to your product or service and relevant to your customers. Test which landing pages generate the most leads for your email marketing list – is it the one with lots of colours, tons of text and many testimonials? Is it the landing page with a few high-line specs and a video testimonial? See what works and keep refining.

2) Get familiar with your audience

Targeted emails are becoming ever more important. Customers not only want a personalised experience, they expect it. Mojn Performance Email Marketing creates a more personal experience by utilising a space within your current email template and displaying relevant content in real time that is based on the browsing and buying habits of the individual user. Not only does this create an enhanced experience it also creates opportunity for upsell and growth. It’s a win-win. Contact Mojn for more details.

3) Identify and contact your anonymous users

Most web users browse through sites but never sign up or purchase. At Mojn we’ve created the Mojn Network which not only maps anonymous users but also allows you to contact them via email with your proposition. This ground-breaking solution ensures that consumers are reminded of and brought back to your website.


…and keep ‘em coming back for more

4) Get (up close and) personal

Once you build your list and get to know who is on it, you need to start serving up fresh, hot content your audience wants and loves (much like a personal pan pizza). Just don’t make those emails too cheesy!

5) Inlink, inlink, inlink

The most frustrating roads are ones that go one direction for ages before giving you the option to turn off. That’s the same with content. Give your audience great, personalised content and build on it by offering related content items for them to explore. Not only does this keep them engaged with your content longer, it’ll build your reputation as an industry knowledge powerhouse and the source for content around your topic of specialty.

6) Don’t back off

Once you’re seeing high open rates, don’t let off the gas. Keep testing what subject lines get the best open rates, what links get the highest clicks and how to keep your audience as engaged as possible. The power of personal recommendations still reigns supreme – nothing is better than your content being forwarded or shared on social, and if it’s killer content, its only a matter of time until this happens!

Send emails that change everything