Does email fit into your acquisition marketing strategy?


Mojn is all about harnessing your data to create digital marketing strategies that get the best results. At Mojn we focus on how you can harness data from any available source to create acquisition campaigns that get you leads. But a question we often get is where to start with strategic, data-driven email campaigns aimed at acquiring leads. Using email to keep users engaged between times they purchase is often the subject of our posts, but getting that email address is another mission entirely.

Beyond simply asking for an email address, or using a squeeze page with a ‘free’ gift or ebook (the tried and tested strategy many email marketers prefer), there are other creative ways to get email addresses for potential customers. Guest blogging. Social Media. Webinars. PR and media coverage. All of these methods may generate leads. However, while the number and quality of leads they generate is uncertain, what is certain is how much time (and money) each method takes. A well-written blog post, or a carefully curated and executed PR campaign, can take weeks. And, again, the success of such initiatives is always uncertain. Enter Mojn Data.

There are other creative ways to get email addresses for potential customers. Guest blogging. Social Media. Webinars. PR and media coverage. All of these methods may generate leads.

Mojn Data gives you the tools you need to understand your customer and potential customer behaviour across devices. This is now a must; smartphones and tablets have doubled the amount of time we now spend online, so any campaign you implement must be responsive to this new reality. By linking user behaviour across channels using device IDs, Mojn securely and anonymously combines off- and online data to give you the best tools to speak to your audience, responding not only to the devices they use when using the internet, but their interests, pressure points and concerns. Leveraging the power of Mojn Data, your marketing efforts can be more targeted than an in-person sales assistant.

So what does all this mean before you get an email address? You can still be aware of users prior to getting their email address, being aware of this user behaviour on and even off your website. Retargeted ads based on past browsing behaviour can be as strong a call to action as the same data is in an email. And not to be repetitive, but all this is done without storing any Personally Identifiable Information (PII), so you can be fully compliant with privacy regulations.

So now that we’ve delved into why data is just as helpful for your acquisition email strategies as it is for your engagement emails, let’s talk through a few acquisition ideas- all while using your data to help.

  1. Can you drop the squeeze pages? We aren’t going to say squeeze pages don’t work, because they absolutely can. But what is clear is that squeeze pages that are highly relevant to the viewer convert much more highly than generic squeeze pages that throw out the same content to everyone. Instead of stocking up on squeeze pages, think about ways in which you can reach potential email subscribers in a more relevant, personalised way. For instance, search engine optimisation strategies based on keywords that prompt traffic to your site can be a valuable source of macro and micro information. Traffic to a particular optimised page can tell you a lot about what keywords people are using – and you can drill down from there to gain insights into individual visitors and retarget them based on their browsing behaviour on these optimised pages.
  2. Retarget. As we’ve mentioned, retargeting is critical. Most people do not act the first time they visit a website, whether that’s to purchase or even to just give an email. Instead, it can take several visits to gain rapport and trust to prompt a subscription. Make it easier for a visitor to find you again by retargeting them – using their past on-site behaviour (what keyword brought them to your website? What products or services did they look at?) to share ads that complement their interests.
  3. Think value. Above all else, think about what would prompt you to give away your email address. Whatever campaign you are devising, and however you think about reaching your potential customers, think about how they will estimate the value of their email in your hands. After all, it’s worth its weight in gold to you, and it is certainly a sign of trust on the part of the consumer – in addition to the first step in a long campaign that will eventually getting them to come to your site to take a valuable action – such as a purchase. It’s a long road from acquisition to purchase, but you’ll never start if you don’t get the subscription.

How does email fit into your acquisition marketing strategy?

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