Five tips for great drip and nurture campaigns


You want to save time and still grow your ROI? Sounds like a lofty, perhaps even impossible, ambition. But it isn’t. Enter email automation for drip and nurture campaigns (ones that you’ve probably been sending to your leads for ages, anyway). Rather than regurgitate them over and over, use these simple tips to create a responsive, flexible campaign flow that will iterate itself for best results. Talk about easy and effective, hmmm?

1. Learn more about behavioural email marketing

When it comes to making the most of your data by automating it, you’ve already got behavioural marketing in the bag. But the question is often how granular you can or should get when it comes to automating your data. The good news is that most CRMs are robust enough to allow you to present targeted content to individuals based on anything from their demographics to their past email click and website browsing history. Whilst you can always iterate in terms of how specific or general you want to get based on the campaign and your target audience, remember that the world is really your oyster, and you can personalise as granularly as your data will allow.

2. Identify triggers in your product education and buying cycle

Next, pick out all of the various areas in your existing marketing strategy that could benefit from a drip or nurture email campaign. For instance, if you have a newsletter subscription box on your website, do you take advantage of the leads you get by sending a “thanks for subscribing” email? And do you take it one step further by dropping these leads into an educational drip campaign that discusses your brand story, products and value propositions? The places you identify should be distinct from newsletter or promotion opportunities – drip and nurture campaigns, even at a very high level, should have higher-level goals than a newsletter or discount email, such as educating a consumer on your brand or products. Again, that newsletter subscription is a great place. But what about past webinar attendees? Dropping those who already have demonstrated interest in your product into a nurture campaign can only warm up the lead further. There are probably several places you can implement drip and nurture campaigns.

Drip and nurture campaigns, even at a very high level, should have higher-level goals than a newsletter or discount email, such as educating a consumer on your brand or products.

3. Create a flow chart to summarise campaign sending triggers and times

Here comes the fun part. Once you’ve identified places for nurture or drip campaigns, you’ll need to compare the purpose of your campaign with an audit of your data. How personalised can you get using an automated email sequence? Can you only use name and personalise for gender, or can you get more sophisticated by leaving places for content or products a lead may have viewed on your site? This is the step where you can draw a skeleton flow chart and note which parts of each email can be customised by your automated email platform. Some platforms have more ability than others.

4. Keep a note about data you want, but don’t have, or data you have, but don’t need

The great thing about creating campaigns is that it can help refine the data needs you have. As you start to build your campaigns, you may notice that a lot of the customised blocks you want to use, you don’t have. Or, you may notice that you have a lot of data sitting in your CRM that you don’t need. This is the kind of information that you can share with your data team or solution to help them craft a better database responsive to your needs.

5. Don’t forget the one-offs

While we advocate for an automated approach whenever possible, those nice one-off emails, such as announcements and promotions, are nice every once in a while. These break up the nurture or drip cycle, and help infuse your list with an idea of the day-to-day at your company. Don’t forget the value of those one-offs, even if they cause a little more lift.

Do you subscribe to any mailing lists that have great drip or nurture campaigns? Tell us below, we always love subscribing to admire another pro’s handiwork!

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