Automatic for the people: a guide to automated emails

Automation best practice

Be it fortunately or otherwise, you can’t be hands on with every email you send out. There should be a large majority of your campaigns that are fully automated leaving you to tend to other areas. Automated emails are an important part of engagement so it’s worth bearing in mind a few fundamentals. The when and the how are the vital things to consider and it’s all about making sure that although they’re often uniform, the copy and the context help personalise an individual’s experience. When a person’s online behaviour hits a trigger, your automated emails have them covered to bring them back to you.

Copy is key, as well as having snappy subject lines with a hint of the personal to draw attention. Match this with encouragement towards engagement, like follow-up on cart abandonment or feedback and keeping people abreast of important information such as offer expiration dates and one time only deals and you start to make the most of automated emails. According to Bain & Co, a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%. This is achieved through keeping customers well informed and involved.

Triggers and their benefits

Subscriber-only offers

  • A compelling offer just because they subscribed to your emails will drive traffic in the right direction.

Informing them

  • That their subscription, account, or policy with you is about to run out.
  • Key to keeping customers into the future is making sure they are aware of their status with you.

Offer customers a birthday surprise

  • Part of the personal approach and linking strongly with power words as someone’s name is one of the strongest conversion tactics for email subject lines.

Cart abandonment

  • A simple question in an email as to why the customer abandoned the Cart might remind the customer or offer the perfect opportunity to entice them back to complete the transaction.

Send appointment reminders to customers

  • If your repeat business relies on customers making and maintaining appointments with you then make sure that they have been reminded, it’s amazing how often people will forget and feel almost gratitude for the gentle prod.


  • When you post something key on social media or publish a new blog, how about sending an email to subscribers mentioning the new post and giving them a chance to click through and read it

Power words in subject line

  • Briefly mentioned above, it is wise to learn some key words that do well in subject lines, like the subscribers name, the month or a key product they have been looking at.
  • This personalisation and attention-grabbing tactic s can be difficult because you don’t want to hit the spam filter. Another key moment to employ KISSmetrics and avoid exclamation points!

Structure your email for scanners

  • Like it or not, people aren’t really reading your content a good proportion of the time.
  • Test various layouts to try and grab the scanners amongst us.
  • Include links, call to action buttons and simple layout to retain the most interest.

Use a call to action button

  • A simple yet effective tool.
  • Attention naturally falls to buttons within email, so use it to your advantage as part of your funnel.

The above are just some of the ways to best utilise automated emails to see a boost in your ROI. A lot of these may seem simple, but that’s almost the point. People respond to helpful and simple, so keep it straightforward and watch the results roll in.

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