KitchenTime: Raising CTR and Conversions

Case Study: KitchenTime

The collaboration between Mojn & KitchenTime started when we approached KitchenTime and proposed that our Performance Email Targeting solution could help them significantly raise their click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates. KitchenTime quickly saw the benefits and in August 2014 KitchenTime implemented the Mojn scripts with Mojn assisting in setting up a feed and creating a banner design for their emails. In mid-September everything was in place to begin sending out emails with Mojn customizing the content. KitchenTime sent out their first email on the 29th of September.

My experience with Mojn has been very positive and their email retargeting product helps us achieve even better click and conversion rates.


  1. Start of August: Implementation starts
  2. Mid-September: Implementation complete
  3. End of September: First emails sent out

The solution

Mojn helped KitchenTime with their newsletter send-outs by providing personalized content to their recipients. KitchenTime sends out a newsletter about five times a month and Mojn analyze their website visitor segments and help dramatically improve click-through and sales conversion rates on their regular email campaigns.


Here is a banner Mojn created showing one of the auto-generated images of a recommended product within KitchenTime’s email. Pricing and product information is also pulled in automatically.

How do we do it?

  • Mojn analyzes visitor behavior throughout KitchenTime’s web activity
  • Mojn’s proprietary engine matches KitchenTime’s visitor behavior with their own permission based email list
  • Mojn’s behavioral algorithms segment KitchenTime’s customer base into various ‘product-based’ segments
  • Whenever KitchenTime sends a Mojn-powered email campaign, their customers receive a relevant recommendation image based on segments previously computed by Mojn
  • KitchenTime’s workflow doesn’t change with Mojn. They still send their emails using their existing email service provider.

The results

  1. Over 550% Uplift
  2. Up to 7.8x CTR (Personalised v Default)
  3. 32x ROI

Average CTR for Q4 ’14 for customers viewing Mojn content is 557.21% higher than customers shown default content. This implies that an image with Mojn content is clicked 5–6 times more than an image with default content. This is also reflected in the overall higher personalized CTR (3.80%) compared to default CTR of 0.56%, averaging 6.8x over the lifetime of the campaign to date and over 7.8x in December ’14 (see graph below).

The Return on Investment is 32.02. Simply put, KitchenTime have received 32.02 SEK in revenue for every 1 SEK they spent with Mojn in Q4 ’14.

As shown in the graph above, the personalized CTR and Conversions (CVR) yield much better results throughout Q4 ’14. This displays the power our personalized content has in persuading recipients to click and ultimately make purchases.

Mojn have assisted us in achieving a higher level of clicks and conversions. Their product is easy to use and the people at Mojn have been very helpful in providing support when needed.
Communications Specialist, KitchenTime

About KitchenTime

KitchenTime is a Swedish privately held e-commerce business that offers high quality kitchenware at good prices. Their goal is to be the number one choice for customers shopping for kitchen utensils. They were founded in 2010 and are located in Uppsala, Sweden.

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