More bang for your buck: Three ways to make money from e-commerce emails

See how you can get more bang for your buck. Three ways to make money from e-commerce emails

E-commerce sites are the new sales catalogue. Just like the pages of your favourite glossy catalogue popped freshly through the mail slot, it is easy to get carried away looking at webpage after shiny webpage of great products. But how to package the delivery of your products like those exciting, robust catalogues of yore? Done right, your email subscribers will have as many reasons as the products you sell to get lost on your site for a while, and earn you the big bucks when they buy your products.

Global e-commerce sales are set to hit $1.5 trillion in 2014 – there’s no doubt that you want to capitalise on the trend of selling on your site. The even better news is that e- and m-commerce purchases also have tangible influence on in-store behaviour; when a customer sees a product online, it can increase in-store sales up to 13%. So setting an e-commerce strategy that converts customers will pay in spades- and pounds, euros, dollars or whatever other currency you accept.

Global e-commerce sales are set to hit $1.5 trillion

The key to starting a successful e-commerce strategy is email. Email is the only way to successfully contact customers and potential customers in a personalised, targeted way. Using our three tips to make money from e-commerce emails, you’ll enable customers to learn about new products, specials, promotions and products relevant to their past purchases or previous browsing history.

1. Target your audience

What’s the most exciting thing about receiving an email from Asos or Amazon? It’s like getting a letter from a friend more than receiving those large (though exciting) catalogues in the post. The emails are a concise library of products that are relevant, interesting and related to past purchases or pages browsed on previous site visits, thus inclining the recipient to return for more. Don’t have the email addresses of past site visitors? Never fear, the Mojn Network is here! The Mojn Network identifies anonymous users and sends them targeted emails so they’ll come back to your site.

2. Segment your lists

Case studies abound proclaiming the necessity of segmenting emails. We agree, segmentation is a powerful way to increase open and click through rates, which promote sales conversions. Use all the information you have on your subscribers: age, gender, job, birth date, and test around to see what ways are the most effective. Does sending a birthday card work well? Does giving a discount to teachers and military workers increase your opens and clicks? Should you send recipes to men and clothes suggestions to women? Get creative and you could see spikes in opens, clicks and conversions. Johnny Cupcakes, a boutique cupcake purveyor, found that segmentation based on gender and an interest in baseball increased click through rates by 41% and conversions by 123%. The Mojn Performance Email Targeting solution gives you the resources to take segmentation to the next level by inserting products the individual subscriber viewed or products that are related to previous purchases in the email.

Get creative and you could see spikes in opens, clicks and conversions

3. Use coupons and promo codes

Coupons and promotions are a great way to re-engage existing customers and give new customers an incentive to try whatever you’re selling on for size. Generate specific codes for specific emails to determine which emails offering promotions perform the best.

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