Marketing Automation: three ways to get started now

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If you have an email platform, CRM and lead source, you’re 90% on your way to creating an automated marketing funnel that can save you time and money. Actually, scratch that. Not only will it save you time and money, it’ll earn you more money and expand your bottom line.

No longer do blanket emails to your entire list cut the mustard. Nor do blanket landing pages. These scattered, ‘shot in the dark’ approaches lack focus and no longer attain the level of sophistication most consumers expect from online marketing. So find the time to save time by implementing automated marketing practices that will soon become the industry norm.

1. Score your leads

The purchasing process has never been linear, but with the digital world ever expanding, the steps between first touch and purchase keeps changing. Whether a consumer checks up on a product review site, reads a recommendation on a blog, checks social channels, signs up for your mailing list, or visits your website, the points of entry for a lead are endless – not just at the top of the funnel.

Advanced lead scoring can help you identify when, and where, to throw content at a lead, introduce a salesperson into the process, or put them on ice as you educate them about the value of your product. To get started, associate actions on your website with points. For instance, if a someone enters their email address to receive your newsletter, award them five points. If they open the first newsletter, award them two more points. If they open up special one-off communications, such as webinar or open call invites, award them more. Finally, something such as asking a question at the webinar, or getting in touch with your online support staff, awards them enough points to be considered a warm lead to whom you can provide product-specific information, or sales support.

Advanced lead scoring can help you identify when…to throw content at a lead, introduce a salesperson into the process, or put them on ice as you educate them about the value of your product.

2. Implement triggered communication

Everyone likes birthday and anniversary special wishes. Including your email list. Why not offer discounts or freebies to your subscribers on their birthday or anniversary? Of course, you don’t have to remember these special dates – your email CRM automatically does. And you’ll gain twofold: some brand goodwill as well as new sales.

3. Use cookie tracking

As you already may know, Mojn knows cookies. Not only can you get great data from your cookies, you can use that data to your advantage. Once you’ve set up your flexible, responsive automated email campaigns, you can use cookies to do the same with your website. Cookies allow your visitors to experience your website in a way that corresponds to their past browsing history matched with the data you have about them. Therefore, content and product suggestions can be more personalised.

Marketing automation is fast becoming an industry standard. In a few years time, the automation tools may be different – cookies may be obsolete, CRMs may be more robust – but automation is here to stay. So get started and buckle up for the ride as you watch your ROI grow.

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