Special Delivery: Why you should be focusing on creating killer email marketing campaigns

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I’m not sure how many articles I’ve read that begin with the sentence, “Internet marketers and small business owners have billions of consumers at their fingertips.” The truth is, there may be an innumerable audience at the other end of your computer screen, but every savvy business owner and marketer is as aware of that fact as you. Once you get your products and services in front of this large audience, you’re golden. It’s cutting through the noise of the competition to get there that’s tough. Read on to find out why you should be focusing on creating killer email marketing campaigns.

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Two tactics to blow your customers away with transactional emails

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They’re the first email you open or flag for future reference after you’ve purchased tickets, clothes or your weekly shopping. They’re short and sweet but can be very powerful. So why are they so underused?

Transactional emails, which are triggered by customers and include order summaries, thank you emails and other quickies are often forgotten by marketers.

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Let’s Co-Create a message from Mojn founder Thomas Dahl Jensen

I have worked in advertising for nearly 20 years and I’ve been lucky enough to have worked through the most interesting time in the history of advertising.

Why is it so interesting?

When I started out customers had no voice. They were passive, silent, just a number. Companies built brands not because they were the best at what they did but because they shouted the loudest and people had no choice but to hear.

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Importance Of E-Commerce Personalization in 20 Revealing Stats

We all like it when our local store owner greets us by our name. And we love it when she recommends us the things we love. Because she knows us; we’ve been at her place so many times before that she remembers our name, our preferences, who we hang out with and so on. Thus, she makes it extremely easy for us to keep coming back.

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Best Times to Send Out Your E-commerce Email Campaigns

I have to disappoint you. There is no silver bullet answer to this problem: perfect time and day for sending promotional emails vary drastically depending on your demographics, geography, email list sources etc.

That said, not all is lost – there are ways and stats available to help us get closer to the perfect sending time. Let’s dig into them.

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36 Must See Stats for Every E-Commerce Email Marketer

Why is email still one of the top e-commerce marketing channels?

Get a good overview of the most important general stats in the current e-commerce email marketing environment. How many people are reachable through email? Are people reacting through offers via email and what kind of investments other marketers are doing in this space? Learn also about the best times to send out emails, what are the most effective email acquisition tactics and what is the current email client environment like.

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Grow Your Email List: 11 Email Acquisition Tactics for E-Commerce Businesses

Email lists in the e-commerce business. Your precious!

Email marketing lists are one of the most important assets you have as an e-commerce company. As we’ve repeated so many times before, industry-wide, more than 40% of purchases are made by returning customers and we all know how hard it is to attract new customers.

That said, in the age of social media walled gardens, it has never been wiser to implement a specialized email acquisition strategy. What is an email acquisition strategy? It’s different tactics and approaches you can use to grow your email list.

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Email Permissions Aren’t Given – They are Earned.

Email marketing is one of the most important things your marketing department does in the e-commerce business. It’s by far the easiest channel to reach existing customers that bring in more than 40% of the revenue.

But as you hum along with email marketing, you will inevitably stumble across the subject of unsubscribes. You know, people that once thought you had something interesting to say or give. People that trusted you with their email addresses. People that … are now gone.

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