Email & E-commerce = Match Made in Heaven

Leonardo DiCaprio. Believe it or not – he often reminds me of email.

Let me tell you why? DiCaprio seems unstoppable: I still remember the young kid who used to play the good looking chap on a big sinking ship. Great act, but everyone dismissed him as a real actor. Fast forward 17 years and he is still around. In fact, he has now grown into a polished gentleman that just keeps on bringing it with every new movie.

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Welcome to Modern Age Trojan Horses. Welcome to Facebook, Twitter & Youtube.

Brands aren’t happy with the current state of social media. In fact, they feel slightly cheated.

But in order to understand Facebook, Twitter and Youtube we must first understand how they built their gigantic user bases, how they financed operations in their infant years and what’s their current path to greatness. For the sake of simplification I will refer to them as internet titans from here on.

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