Two tactics to blow your customers away with transactional emails

Transactional emails cover image

They’re the first email you open or flag for future reference after you’ve purchased tickets, clothes or your weekly shopping. They’re short and sweet but can be very powerful. So why are they so underused?

Transactional emails, which are triggered by customers and include order summaries, thank you emails and other quickies are often forgotten by marketers.

Take the opportunity to personalize and monetize them while maintaining their simple but vital purpose.

Because transactional emails are so crucial to your customer, they’re perfect for monetization. The open rates are typically much higher than other types of business-to-consumer email.

To get the most value, consider the following elements:

1. Branding and backlinks

Many transactional emails are boring and don’t have the colorful and eye-catching brand elements that marketers use in email campaigns. Don’t neglect these.

Use a banner logo and make sure it links back to your site. Offer several opportunities within the email to redirect the customer back to your site, such as in the email footer, where many customers look for contact information.

Social media links are necessary for the footer as well. You want to encourage your customers to make their way back to you for more.

2. Get personal and make suggestions

Since transactional emails generally don’t have a great deal of content, mix things up a bit. Make the text livelier and personalize it. Don’t use the generic text from your autoresponder.

Personalize emails with product or service suggestions based on the customer’s experience. At Mojn we can personalize all emails using our proprietary technology so we show them products they like based on their browsing history, preferences and purchase history. Find out more about personalization.

You can also expand upon items your customers have already purchased. If you’re an office supply company and your customer purchased a printer, remind them in the order confirmation to get copy paper and ink with photos and links.

You don’t have to just send coupons in a separate email or on the website’s order confirmation page. Give them a discount right there in the receipt!

The key with personalization is to make the best use of space. You don’t want to overwhelm the customer, as they are expecting simplicity when opening a transactional email.

Your customers will be pleasantly surprised their ‘Thank you for subscribing’ email isn’t using automatically generated content. They always want more value, and using transactional emails to provide it is a pro move that can bring in more revenue for your business.

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