What marketing cloud do you see on the horizon?


Let’s face it, there’s a crazy amount of data out there and a heck of a lot to know, monitor and understand to build an effective online marketing presence. If you want to deliver the best service with a personalised touch and expand without losing sight of your fundamental goals, that’s asking a lot of you and your team. So wouldn’t it be easier if a great majority of this effort could be taken on for you? Well, that’s the broad strokes of what a marketing cloud can offer you: an integrated solution for all of your marketing efforts.

From analytics, social media, optimization, targeting, web experience management, and cross-channel campaign management, a marketing cloud should do it all.

Don’t necessarily think of this as admitting defeat, it’s simply a necessity to outsource sometimes. It frees you up for other important aspects of business, especially high level decision making. The cloud can crunch the data and implement the changes you suggest. There are a few companies out there offering such assistance: Just Eat use Adobe Marketing Cloud and claim it saves managers hours a week, from a point at which they were able to trade in their spreadsheets and other labour intensive processes for a more flexible and social approach.

Marketing Cloud: Don’t necessarily think of this as admitting defeat, it’s simply a necessity to outsource sometimes. It frees you up for other important aspects of business, especially high level decision making.

There are four elements that make up a digital marketing cloud:

  1. Multi-channel marketing automation: publishing and promoting content to help marketers engage across several different channels, particularly mobile and social. Automation is based on intelligent algorithms that sequence for optimum engagement.
  2. Content management tools: create and manage the content and engagement tools that can be deployed across different channels.
  3. Social media tools: listening to and engaging with social media networks and consumer conversations, responding with custom content and social media advertising.
  4. Analytics platform: create profiles of consumers based on their online behaviour and evaluate which marketing campaigns are working and which aren’t.

It’s possible that with a consolidated approach you could use some of these robust digital marketing applications for the separate spheres of marketing you do. But we’ll do you even one better: the Mojn Network can tie it all together. With an email network of millions of fully opted-in, high quality email addresses, this solution identifies your anonymous website visitors and converts them in to long-term customers through targeted emails sent using Mojn’s Performance Email Targeting solution. Talk about a powerful tool to pull in to your overall umbrella of marketing services (couldn’t help the extended weather metaphor – apologies!)

Forrester reported that by wrapping various marketing parallels in one solution – as with the Mojn Network – your efforts multiply in value rather than being additive. The argument goes that five solutions working together in a unique way are more valuable than the five working apart.

As engagement with consumers during their online journey gets more and more difficult, especially with journeys crossing devices and veering off in to the social spheres, it takes more to understand the value behind that journey – it isn’t as simple as seeing to buying anymore. That’s why services like Mojn’s have found a soft spot in the cloud suite of marketing tools that provide an end-to-end solution for the increasingly digitally oriented CMO.

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