You have 25% more inbound traffic than you realise…


Inbound marketing is one of the most effective profitable marketing initiatives available and so the tools to assist you in engaging with that traffic are among the most reputable ones that marketers share with each other when they are listing their top 10 assets.

These sources of traffic include Content Management Systems like WordPress or Drupal, CRMs like HubSpot, online personalization solutions like Qubit, ecommerce platforms like Magento, email service providers like MailChimp and other digital marketing platforms.

At the core of all these inbound identification efforts, 100% of the clients we meet rely on cookies as their ‘identification technology’.

At the core of reacting to inbound traffic is (of course) identifying the traffic. You need to identify who is visiting to associate it with previous behavior and/or existing data, such as their email address. At the core of all these inbound identification efforts, 100% of the clients we meet rely on cookies as their ‘identification technology’.

Well as you probably have heard the ‘cookie is crumbling’  and as a consequence you are missing out on roughly 25% of your inbound identification, and our client installations show that across industry this correlates to missing out on a lot of your inbound revenue.

Triggered email: A tangible example and case study

We at Mojn work with a major European travel brand and we won them over with a simple demonstration where we augmented their email service provider’s installation and boosted their volume of triggered emails. To begin with we focussed on their highest revenue generator of inbound traffic — the shopping cart abandonment email. This email generated 40% of all their email conversion traffic but, as with all existing inbound marketing tools, ExactTarget relies on cookies for identification (and linking) traffic to email addresses, making it possible to send an email as a reaction to a visitor putting items in their shopping cart.

Since Mojn relies on network and advanced device identification algorithms, we augmented their identification rate, transforming anonymous traffic into known visitors by 70%, and increased shopping cart abandonment 52% in volume while generating 32% more revenue from their abandonment program.

We augmented their identification rate by 70%…increased shopping cart abandonment 52%, while generating 32% more revenue…

Other tools, like web personalization, direct to print, DMP efforts etc can benefit by shifting away from a pure ‘cookie identification’ approach to a more robust and more effective identification technology. It could be the easiest revenue boost you’ve ever launched simply by reacting to more of your inbound traffic.

If you’ve never considered this straightforward approach before, you certainly should now.

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